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With our many years of expertise in logistics, we assist all sorts of companies, from medium-sized enterprises to internationally represented corporations. You can have a look at a few or our reference projects here. We'll be happy to show you more in person. One call is all it takes: +49 (0)7931 498468. Or just send us a quick mail: info@c-l-b.de

Schneider Versand, Wedel/Hamburg Schneider Versand, Hamburg-Wedel

Project reference: Schneider Versand


  • Consolidation of two business operations
  • Integration of textile industry
  • Optimization of overall process
Sigloch, Blaufelden Sigloch, Blaufelden

Project reference: Sigloch


  • Development of master plan, Blaufelden
  • Construction phase concept creation
Prototyp Werke, Zell a.H. Prototyp Werke, Zell a.H.

Project reference: Prototyp Werke


  • Data and process analysis
  • Reorganization of logistics processes
  • Design of new warehouse concept
beeline GmbH, Cologne beeline GmbH, Cologne

Project reference: beeline


  • Liquidation of rented storage facilities
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Faster order processing times
Lorch Schweißtechnik, Auenwald Lorch Schweißtechnik, Auenwald

Project reference: Lorch Schweißtechnik

  • Reorganization of production logistics
  • Storage logistics concept determination
  • Redesign of logistics processes

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